3 Questions To Ask Before You Sign Up For Group German Classes

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If you want to learn to speak German, then you can either hire an individual tutor or join a group class. Group lessons are typically cheaper. They also work well if you like learning in a group in a more informal environment.

Before you sign up for a class, ask the following questions. The answers will help you choose the right lessons for your needs.

1. Who Leads The Classes?

You should check the credentials of the teacher or teachers who will lead your lessons. At the very least, they should be fluent German speakers. They should also have relevant teaching experience and qualifications.

If you can, look for classes led by a native German speaker. They will really understand the language and how it is used in everyday life. Or, look for teachers who have spent time in Germany and who have used their language skills there.

2. What Is The Language Focus?

Every language class can have a different focus. For example, some classes are for beginners or advanced students; some give refresher lessons for people who want to improve old skills.

Some classes have a more commercial focus. For example, they might focus on teaching German to business people. Here, you learn the basics but also get tuition in a more formal business vocabulary.

Make sure to join the right level of class with the right focus. You'll not learn that well if you join an advanced class as a beginner, for example. If you already have some German language skills, then you'll get bored in a beginner's class as you'll have to wait for people to catch up to your level.

3. How Many Students Are In Each Class?

While you might be happy to try group learning, you should check how many students will be in your classes. If classes are too big, then you might find it a frustrating learning experience.

For example, you might not all get the chance to practice your German speaking skills in each class if your teacher has a lot of students to get through. Plus, the more students there are in the class, the more questions people will have.

Smaller classes typically work better. Everyone can take part in each lesson. You get more time to focus on language learning and practice if there are fewer questions in each session.

To get started, contact group German classes in your area and ask about how their lessons work.